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Web Application Maintenance Service

Is your web application running a super outdated version and you would like to have it upgraded to the latest version but don’t know how?

We offer a comprehensive web application maintenance services at an affordable rate. We service many applications such as WordPress, Moodle, Joomla, Magento, and many more

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Help Desk Solution

Is keeping up with customer’s issue or inquires via email becoming a daunting task because sharing of information between teammates had become impractical? Are you sick of repeating the same information over and over to different co-workers?

A help desk system is perfect for companies that wish to have a properly organized system that keep track of all communication with it’s customers. These includes customer issues or follow ups.

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Live Chat Solution

Do you wish to have instant contact with your customer or potential customer when they visit your website ? The integrating a live chat system into your website is what you need.

First impression is always important, imagine having a instant person-to-person contact for your customers. This instant communicate will undoubtedly boost the impression to your customers.

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Hosted DNS Service

Sick of monitoring your in house DNS service ? We offer redundant remotely hosted DNS service for your domains.

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