Help Desk Solution

With a properly implemented Help Desk System, you can expect much smoother work flow when communicating between customers and among co-workers.

Customer’s each inquires/issue will be automatically issued a ticket ID by the system. Each ticket is isolated from other inquiry, allowing your team to focus on individual tasks.

Team members can leave notes within each ticket to pass on vital information, such as task performed, time spend on the issue, etc. Tickets can be reviewed anytime to ensure proper customer care is provided to your customers.

Features are not limited to just the ones mentioned above, here are additional features that we didn’t mention

  • Customer online knowledgebase – Let your customer read on some frequently asked questions and answers
  • Customer survey – Survey your customers on your product/services
  • Customer portal – Let your customers submit, view, reply to tickets on a dedicated web site, unclutter your website!
  • Multiple Departments – Separate your different departments and queues
  • Single point of contact – Hate keeping track of different email addresses? Your customer does too! Have a simple point of contact, whether it be support@yourcompany, or customerservice@yourcompany. Make it simple for your customers!
  • Staff-to-staff communication tool – Let your staff collaborate on a project within the system, share text, images, videos…
  • Facebook and twitter integration – The system can be setup if somebody post a question on your facebook page or twitter, a ticket will be automatically opened


Pricing table

 Sole ProprietorshipMicro BusinessSmall Business
Price Per Year$99$199$399
Setup FeeWaived$50$100
# of Staff Logins1310

*Additional staff logins can be added for an extra $40 per year

**All plans come with your customized URL

For less than $10 per month, you can start finally start giving your customer the proper customer service that they need! What are you waiting for ?