About Us

Who we are

SoftNetwork is a consulting company for everything that has to do with the internet. We specialize in helping small to medium size businesses overcome common technology issues that relates to customer service, customer support and daily operations. We bring 10+ years expertise of internet customer relations to you!


But why? We already have a IT team/dedicated IT person at our company

Well, let’s face it. IT is a very broad term, it is near impossible for one to know everything when it comes to technology. This is especially true technology of the web. New tools and applications are being released every single day. It is very unlikely for any single IT team to know the in-and-outs of all the tools out there.


Communication is the key to a successful business

Communication via the internet is becoming the first point of contact for many industry. It is vital to have a solid customer communication foundation in today’s highly competitive marketplace. This is where we come in to help!


Ok… So what do you do ?

We offer cloud based customer communication tools such as Support Tickets systems, Live Chat tools that will bridge the gap between your company and the world wide web.


Sounds Great, can you send me more information ?

We certainly can! But before we could do that we would need more information regarding your business. Please use our Contact Form to send us a mail with your information and requirments.


Our Mission Statement

SoftNetwork is determined to provide your company with reliable and affordable cloud-based customer support solutions!