Live Chat Solution

A frustrated customer can be detriment to your business. By offering a personalized person-to-person live chat session can instantly neutralize the frustration your customer is facing.

A live chat system can act as the first contact between your company and the customer. Giving you the opportunity to impress your customers by explaining and up-selling your product/services in a professional manner, provide real time instant customer support to your customers and showing your customers that you care about them.

Our live chat solution can be easily integrated into any websites. Providing a easily accessible path between your company and your customers.

Features List

  • Web-based application – No need for dedicated software, all you need is a web browser and any computer that can access the internet
  • Embedded chat sessions – Hate pop ups ? Your customer probably hate it too. Our live chat solution can be placed in-line with your website.
  • Chat Transfers – Transfer a session to your team easily
  • Proactive chat initiation – Do you want to make your customers feel important ? Offer to chat with them proactively when they arrive to your website.
  • Email signature integration – Show your customers live chat is available in your email signature


Pricing Table

 Sole ProprietorshipMicro BusinessSmall Business
Price Per Year$70$169$299
Setup FeeWaived2525
# of Staff Logins2510
Secure SSL URL+$10+$10Included


Be a superstar to your customer and elevate your customer care to a whole new level !